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Jason & Joe's Business Travel Adventures

& joe

We are the Business Travel Guys

Follow the adventures of these two road warriors as they travel around the US and Globally. Jason and Joe have more than 45 years of combined experience traveling for business. Follow along with their Podcast as they share their tips, tales, and often Hillarius experiences.

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About Your Podcasters

About Us


Jason has been traveling for business over 20 years and on the Business Travel Guys podcast, Jason shares his expert tips on optimizing the travel process, including his take on packing, efficient checkin , and so much more. Jason also shares his opinions on many hot topics surrounding travel. Don't miss these two seasoned travelers freestyle banter. It's sure to engage and entertain.   


Joe has also been traveling for business for over 20 years and on the Business Travel Guys podcast he trade tips, stories, is often the voice of reason. Plus, he has had some pretty outragious experiences. Don't miss the great tales of the business traveler.  These two tell it like it is.

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